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Drop in to Drop off!

We are delighted to announce a partnership with ClearCommunityWeb to help reduce e-waste in south London, protecting our environment and supporting communities.

Did you know that since the begining of 2022 we have produced over 17 MILLION tonnes of e-waste? E-waste doesn't just harm our ecosystem when disposed of incorrectly, it encourage the production of more technology, using valuable resources and creating even more CO2e emissions.

With the help of ClearCommunityWeb we will taking in your donations of technology at Community Tech Support Drop Ins across south London.

ClearCommunityWeb support people to develop digital skills, awareness and build confidence online, helping communities to navigate the often daunting online world and get the most of their technolgy.

From now on ClearCommunityWeb will be able to take donations at any of our Community Tech Support Drop Ins and ensure they not only get securely wiped, devices get repurposed or parts get recycled but will we get to work with one of our closest friends in South London.

Together we can promote the benefits of upcycling and continue to provide devices across our network in Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark and Bromley.

So please, if you have any unwanted tech, Drop In to Drop Off.

Find out where your nearest location is here.


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