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The Community Tech Aid team with volunteers

As well as working to tackle digital inclusion, we champion the right to repair and encourage recycling of technology.

Our Sustainability Goals

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Environmental Impact 

Even before a computer is switched on for the first time, 50% of its lifecycle fossil fuels have already been consumed in manufacturing it. By using donated devices we are reducing unnecessary production and reducing carbon emissions.  

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As a whole or as components


If we receive a device that can’t be refurbished, we use as much of it as possible by removing component parts such as hard drives, keyboard keys and chargers that we can use in other devices. 

Our partnership with ToRecycle

Anything that cannot be reused is properly recycled with our WEEE partner ToRecycle. They take full responsibility for equipment and ensure that 95% of e-waste is diverted from landfill by further recycling devices for their component parts. 

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Data destruction 

Any device sent to ToRecycle will be quickly and securely wiped of all data. Like ours, their destruction process meets or exceeds many internationally recognised standards. 

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The Right to Repair 

As a member of the Right to Repair movement, a coalition of European organisations pushing for system change around repair, we aim for a future where our community feels inspired to resuse, repair and recycle their technology.

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