Digital Divide Award Presenting

What We Do

Closing the digital divide by providing technology and skills to our communities, whilst recycling, reusing and repairing e-waste.

What We Do


Our goal is to provide our community with the three fundamentals of digital inclusion: access to technology, connectivity and the knowledge and skills to access the online world.


We gather donated laptops, tablets and smartphones, wipe the data and refurbish them, and return them to use by giving them to those in need. We partner with local organisations to identify those in need, through a referral system.


To date we have worked with 192 organisations ranging from schools, refugee groups, food banks and shelters to mental health support services and organisations supporting older adults, those with disabilities and young carers. 

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As well as working to tackle digital inclusion, we champion the right to repair and promote recycling of technology. By working with donated equipment, we help to divert e-waste from landfill, creating a sustainable solution to the digital divide.


Receiving a laptop has made such a difference to my life!


It’s made such a difference to the loneliness and boredom especially in lockdown, but in everyday life as well.

- Freda, recipient from Be Enriched