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Device Partnership with Venture 1 Consulting

As the demand for our service grows, we are more in need of devices than ever. Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Venture1 Consulting we are now taking in donated devices through their customers:

We chose to support Community TechAid through a corporate partnership not only because of our shared values but because they were able to very easily demonstrate the impact that their service was having on our local community, as well as how much more still needed to be done.

Maxine Thurston - Sales and Marketing Director, Venture 1 Consulting

As a Technical Consultancy, Venture1 understands how essential technology has become. Especially how necessary digital access is for the public and businesses to stay connected, learn, keep well, access help and advice, and be engaged in society.   

Digital exclusion due to lack of a device continues to be a huge barrier for many in our local community. As the cost of living crisis escalates more and more people are finding themselves unable to access the internet. Thanks to this partnership we will be able to redivert unused technology, helping connect our communities and reducing e-waste!

Find out more here.


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