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Reaching New Heights: Digital Inclusion 4 Families!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Digital Inclusion 4 Families crowdfunder!

Our wonderful partners at the DS Group will be Abseiling down the UK's tallest sculpture to raise funds for a digital inclusion project supporting families in north Lambeth.

All fundraising efforts will provide families (with children under the age of 5) with vital digital skills training and their own refurbished laptops.

These families, supported by the North Lambeth Better Start Area Children's Centres, are reporting that the digital divide is detrimental to their ability to function and ultimately thrive. Lack of access to digital devices impacts all aspects of family life; managing finances, employment, education, healthcare and more and simple day-to-day tasks are instantly more challenging without access to a device and regular, reliable connectivity to the internet.

Workshops will be provided to these families, and we believe these will be one very important step in helping to break these cycles of deprivation.

We will be leading this project and with your help, hope to start the first workshop during the autumn term of this year.

To find out more, and support the cause visit the crowdfunding page here.

Read more about our parners, the DS Group, here.


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