We're looking for 3 new Trustees

We are excited to be recruiting 3 new Trustees to join our board at Community TechAid.

Are you passionate about ensuring no one is left behind as the world goes digital? Do
you share our belief that everyone has the right to access the information,
connections, tools and opportunities that online access provides? Are you keen to find
new ways to inspire and provide opportunities for marginalised young people and
other community members? Are you determined to help transform our ‘throwaway’
culture into one where redundant objects provide the building blocks for new ones?
If so, you may well be the person we're looking for!

We want our Board to look like and actively represent the community we serve; their needs and ideas must be central to our planning. We know that diverse groups of people make better decisions. We also recognise that currently we don't have an ethnically diverse enough board that represents the communities we serve. However, we're committed to changing this and to making a deliberate effort to ensure our team, ambitions and ways of working match the community’s needs. So we're determined in this round of Trustee recruitment to bring onboard passionate, motivated individuals from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, including people with lived experience of exclusion and the digital divide. We're also keen that our Trustees in future include people under, as well as over, 30.

For more information on the role, and how to apply, please take a look at our recruitment pack.